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Leave The Replacement Officals Alone

So the main story so far in the 2012 NFL season has been a debate over the replacement officals and if they are hurting the play of the NFL games. A lot has been said by multiple talking heads and sports experts saying the replacement officals are much worse than the old ones and the NFL needs to bring the full time officals back. In my opinion this is far from the case.

Do you remember when officals never made a mistake and were not human? Exactly. That has never been the case EVER in any sport from the beginning of time. Fact of the matter is officals whether its Ed Hochuli or the referee who told Leshawn McCoy he was on his fantasy team (which is something I agree you never tell a player or referee) these guys are human. There going to make mistakes which the replacement referees have done already. However, if it was normal referees would we still be complaing about bad calls which people have been doing for years.

Yes I know the professional officals have the most experience which is hurting the tempo and flow of the NFL games. With a few delays a game, that is the most noticable thing. Along with maybe a lack of control in certain games like this past Monday Night Football game, the replacement officals have been fine. Would a NFL lover actually notice a difference from replacement officals to professional officals if the NFl never said anything about it? Honestly you would not know.

The only reason people are paying attention to it now and complaining about it is because we are all waiting for the replacement referees to make that gigantic mistake that will decide a game. Because of that, the microscope is placed on them which is unrealitisic and unfair to them. If anything this makes NFL games more compelling to watch because of this unpredictable nature.

Yes the professional referees are the best because that is their profession. But the replacement referees are not doing that bad and no one would be complaining about them if people did not know the professional referees were on strike. There gonna be here for a while so you can either enjoy your favorite NFL team every sunday or complain about your unrealistic expectations of replace officals.

Either way your still gonna watch




Another great article from Chris McKinney!!!

If you want a job in sports you got to be hungry and competitive!


Chris McKinney explains it all in his recent Sports Networker post! Check it out!



“Getting Yourself A Little Better Every Single Day”

So it has been over a month since I actually used this thing to blog. Things have been a little crazy recently. Since I last blogged with you I had to go home and live with mom and dad (awesome right?) I am more and more starting to fit the bill of being jobless Joe. I also lost my grandmother in early August which has also set me back a bit. So from moving home to grieving with family to dealing with some job prospects, the blogging side of has taken a back seat. But I am back in full swing now and know that life is too short not blog as much as possible.

I dont know how things have been for others of you out there looking in the sports industry for jobs but for me its been slow. Not alot of leads. Couple things here and there. A few phone interviews, follow up questions. Ofcourse, a good chunk of “we already hired someone for this position and we wish you luck on your future endeavors.” You guys care that much about me?… I think that one is my favorite (haha).

Since I was not having alot of success looking for sports jobs, I decided to refine my search. There are so many of us out there looking for jobs in sports that if you dont have some great in school and out of school experince in sports, your not even close to being considered. I went looking for jobs around my area in Iowa and got off the sports career path for a little bit because I just wanted to see if I could find a job to be honest.

I had some successful interviews and even got offered a couple of jobs. For how bad our job market is, this is actually a promising this.However for me, after every interview I found myself wondering is this truely what I want to do? The answer to all of them was no because I was not around what I love which is sports……. Hence the blog.

I know things can be gloomy looking for jobs in the sports industry but dont give up! I am telling you from the little experince I have is that no matter how long it takes, something is out there for you in the sports industry. Go back to your old connections. Maybe some old friends you met during some of your school or internship experinces. Look in your area for potential sports opportunites and call people to see if there are any openings. Just whatever you do, never stop looking. It is what I keep telling myself everyday and you should be doing the same no matter what position you are in.

Stay motivated and stay hungry cause when it is all said and done it will absolutely be worth all of the hard work you put in. Take some advice from any good coach out there. “Make yourself a little bit better every single day”. Lets make our prospects of landing that dream sports jobs a little better everyday.



What is working in social media: 12 cases from sports business

I found a great article in the sports business daily a few days ago. It talks about different examples of effective social media that have been used in different sports business’.

I encourage you guys to read it!

Here is the link:



Another Great Article From The Sports Networker

So again Chris McKinney from the Sports Networker delivers another great  and spot on article about trying to get your foot into the sports industry. His most recent article is about trying to find the hottest job prospects in sports.

You can find the full article at the link below. Its a great read!

Hope you all enjoy it!



My 2012 NBA Draft Winners and Losers Recap

2012 NBA Draft Recap


            New Orleans Hornets – What is there not to like about what the Hornets did in this       draft? They were the obvious winners in 2012.

  • They took arguably the only potential superstar of the draft in Anthony Davis, from Kentucky, who can provide elite shot blocking and defensive ability as soon as he starts playing. He also has some guard skills in him back from when he was a guard in high school so his offensive ceiling is pretty high.
  • They get Austin Rivers, from Duke, who for some reason was being called “uncoachable” by multiple draft experts (Doesn’t his Dad coach in the NBA?). In a league where 80 percent of players cannot create their own shot, Rivers can come in and create his own shot and score on a high level. He will play alongside Eric Gordon which I think the Hornets can make work. He will need to work on his point guard skills and he has the right coach to do it. (His dad played point guard in the NBA too right?)
  • The Hornets also added value late in the draft by selecting Darius Miller, from Kentucky, who will add toughness, maturity, and be a good all-around NBA defender


Houston Rockets

  • Some experts said the Houston Rockets were losers in this draft because in the big picture, they did not acquire Dwight Howard. Instead of trading for a guy who will probably only play there one year I think Houston made a good decision in not pulling the trigger on Howard.  
  • With all the talk about Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes, Austin Rivers and Dion Waiters how did Jeremy Lamb out of UCONN not get mentioned? So he is thin and not very strong but he might be the best pure shooter in this draft. He has the tools in terms of athleticism, ability and pedigree to become a great all around shooting guard in the NBA and I’d say has a pretty big chip on his shoulder to prove that after the lack of attention he got during the draft.
  • Also I felt any team that drafted Royce White, from Iowa State, would automatically be a winner. He is a big, strong, physical player with ridiculous passing ability for a guy his size. He lead the Cyclones in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals and always played (if not outplayed) the best competition he faced during the season. He needs to work on his shot (a lot) but that will come with time and experience. So what if he has an anxiety disorder? So what he can’t fly on planes? Didn’t seem to hurt the Cyclones this year so I do not see why it will hurt the Rockets next year


Phoenix Suns – I really liked that the Suns selected Kendall Marshall, from North Carolina, to be the heir-apparent to the great Steve Nash. I don’t know if Nash will be back in Phoenix but if he does come back that would just expedite Marshall’s growing process.  

  • Just like Nash, Marshall is a traditional floor general point guard who looks to pass first. I think he will flourish in Alvin Gentry’s system were we will get to run up and down just like at North Carolina. Had he stayed for his junior season he would have more than likely set the ACC record for assists and was a huge reason why Tyler Zeller won ACC player of the year (we will get to that later). He needs to work on his jump shot so defenses can play him honest in pick and roll situations and look more often to get “his” in transition. But he isn’t the first point guard to come into the league with an inconsistent jump shot and with the system he will run and the potential to learn under one of the best point guards of all time, I think you could see Marshall leading the NBA in assists one day.  


Portland TrailBlazers – The TrailBlazers had a distinct plan in place by filling their two biggest needs with extremely promising prospects in Damian Lillard and Meyers Leonard.

  • Lillard has the idle height for a point guard at 6’2 and already is a confident shooter behind the arc and has a dangerous mid-range game which is perfect for pick and roll situations as a point guard. Was not a pure point guard in college but quite frankly did not have a choice because if he wasn’t scoring no one else was (no offense Weber State players).
  • As for Leonard, from Illinois he’s an extremely mobile big man who provides some much-needed relief down low for LaMarcus Aldridge. He is a forceful defender who is merely a few low post moves away from becoming an elite scoring threat as well. Knock on wood he doesn’t have any serious injuries either (sorry Greg Oden)
  • I also really like the Will Barton pick because the kid is just a baller. He is super skinny and will need to add some weight but he is super versatile and can do some many things well on both ends of the court


Oklahoma City Thunder – I will admit I am not the biggest Perry Jones III fan but the fact that his lottery talent level landed in Oklahoma City near the end of the first round is a total steal.

  • This is a great situation for the Thunder. They really did not need to add a lot to any already young team that is still learning after losing in the NBA finals. But now they got a guy who has all-star potential and got him at the end of the first round. So if Jones pans out and turns into the second coming of Rudy Gay, Sam Presti’s draft pick genius will continue. If not, it won’t hurt the overall foundation of the team if Jones is a dud because the team is already centered on their young talent. Little risk and great reward with this pick.


Brooklyn Nets – And for their inaugural season in Brooklyn, New York, the Nets select…  Tyshawn Taylor?

  • The “Will he stay or will he go?” Deron Williams game had to be the most fun anyone in Brooklyn had on draft night. After trading their first-round pick to the Trail Blazers for Gerald Wallace, who is now a free agent, the Nets weren’t slated a pick until No. 57, just three slots before the end of the draft.
  • Instead of making a hit in their former building, the Nets really did not do anything at all besides letting the NBA know that they are all in with Deron Williams and trying to build the team around him.
  • Besides getting Tyshawn Taylor, from Kansas, who I think will be a good NBA defender and actually a solid player, they got Ilkan Karaman, and were able to trade for the No. 54 pick, Tornike Shengalia, from the 76ers. Both are international players who I do not know a single thing about and from what I have heard, and it’s unclear if either will ever see the NBA court. Now we will have to see if Deron Williams will end up resigning with the Nets or going home to play in Dallas.


Cleveland Cavaliers – I actually didn’t have that big a problem with Cleveland reaching on Dion Waiters, from Syracuse, because I think the kid has potential to be a Dwayne Wade type of player in the future.

  • The main reason Cleveland is on my losers list is because of Tyler Zeller, from North Carolina. I never liked Zeller as a player. Yeah he is seven foot. Yeah he won ACC player of the year. Yeah he has potential. I just never liked the kid. Besides the Plumlee brothers, there were not a lot of great big men to defend Zeller this year in the weak ACC. His height allowed him to be a man amongst boys during conference play and at times basically just turned around and shot with no one really challenging him. If he ever played against a stronger player, he seemed to shy away from contact and fade away too much. Ever since he broke his wrist as a freshman because he was afraid of contact when someone was going to make a play on him when he was dunking a ball, I have always seen him as soft. If Kendall Marshall wasn’t the point guard for North Carolina I don’t think Zeller scores half of his points. I always thought he was overrated just because he played at North Carolina. Maybe I am letting my emotions get the best of me on this selection but I am just trying to call them how I see them and I’m calling Tyler Zeller……SOFT. So I don’t think Zeller will last long in the NBA.
  • Oh yeah, Lebron won a championship and your still bitter about it.


Atlanta Hawks

  • I really don’t dislike the John Jenkins, from Vanderbilt, pick all that much. I think his three point shooting can actually help the Hawks, I just kind of see him as a smaller version of Joe Johnson so I don’t know if that really addressed the Hawks weakness at small forward.
  • Atlanta is already in an odd situation because they have a good team but there just not as good Miami, Chicago or Boston. I don’t think this pick helps them get over that hump and more than likely you will see the Hawks out of the first round of the playoffs again if they don’t go after someone in free agency or try to make a trade. Their at the point where they either need to stick with the players they like or blow this thing up because they still aren’t getting past the 2nd round in the East with this pick.


Philadelphia 76ers – Philly was already a team full of small forward NBA players so what do they use their first pick on? A small forward?

  • Although I have no issue with Maurice (formally Moe) Harkless as a NBA prospect, this fit really does not make a lot of since to me. I like his upside and what he brings to the table as a young player. Harkless, from St John’s is a versatile defender with a raw offense and very good athletic ability. After the description I just gave you, you might think I was talking about oh I don’t know… Andre Iguodala? He shares a lot of the same characteristics as the other small forwards on the 76ers too.
  • With this pick, I have to believe that Doug Collins and the 76ers staff have a plan to move Iguodala or Thaddeus Young. If they don’t, Harkless basically is out of the picture in terms of playing time and it will hurt his developing process as a young player. I do not see this working out for either side if Philadelphia decides to keep all three of these guys but they have been trying to trade Iguodala for a while now so we will see.


Indiana Pacers – The Pacers were in a really good position to add a good draft pick to a team that is already on the rise in the East after taking Miami to six games in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Honestly I think Larry Bird should have stayed with the team after their first pick of Miles Plumlee.

  • To me, the Miles Plumlee pick was the biggest reach in this draft. I did not like this selection at all. Plumlee, from Duke, is noticeably athletic, however overwhelmingly raw at the offensive end. He’s one of the most mobile centers available, yet he’s wildly uncoordinated on both sides of the ball. I don’t see him having a lot of effect on the offensive end and he honestly just reminds me of a Josh McRoberts type of player. His numbers at Duke certainly don’t suggest Indiana has a player ready to break out on its hands.
  • While the Pacers are a deep enough team to take on a risk like Plumlee, they’re close enough to contention where they can ill afford to waste golden opportunities to get better in the East, especially when they are as close as they are.





Sports Quotes That Can Inspire PR Pros

I found a great article from PRDaily about some important and influencial sports quotes can relate and help Public Relation Pros.

The article is by Mike Riley and I have posted the link here.

Check it out!



Why “Beast Mode” is Key to Breaking Into Sports

I found another great article from the sports networker about breaking into the industry.

Chris McKinney does it again with his article about how “beast mode” is the key to getting into sports

Check it out and rate it!

Why do some people get killer jobs in sports and others are relegated to whatever garbage happens to post online?

Sure, some people are lucky because they have an uncle in the sports business.

But most of us, like you and me, have to create our own luck if we want to work in sports.

And the best way to create your own luck is to go into “Beast Mode.”


Beast Mode is a mindset. It’s a superhuman state of being in which animal instinct takes over mind and body. You’ve been there before. We all have. Any significant accomplishment — one that seems nearly impossible to reach — you’ve had to dig deep inside and get to a level you didn’t even know existed.

Preparation & Execution

If you’re an athlete, you’ve probably trained in Beast Mode. If you’re a college graduate, you’ve probably studied in Beast Mode. Remember when you were preparing for the S.A.T.? Practice tests. Flash cards. Tutoring. Working like a maniac. You were in Beast Mode.


Focus & Finish

In life you’re going to reach certain plateaus. Getting accepted into college. Graduating. Landing your first job. Getting a promotion. Becoming a Director. Etc. In order to reach each level, you’ve got to lock in with intense, Beast Mode-like focus with the objective to finish the mission.

The Key

Beast Mode is key to breaking into sports. It’s a monumental leap to go from the college campus to the front office, or from another industry into the sports industry. Don’t take it lightly. Take it seriously, because it’s going to take a superhuman effort. But you can do it. You know you can. Just do it.



Importance of Personal Branding

Check out this great article I found from the Sports Networker about your own personal branding!

Here it is! 

Why the 10 Touch Points of Personal Branding are Important to Your Sports Career

by |June 20th, 2012

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” – King Solomon

There are countless articles and blogs that tell you how important it is to establish personal branding is in order to build — and grow — your career. And that’s especially true in the highly competitive sports business world.

But how, exactly, do you create a personal brand?

First, let’s start with the definition of “Personal Brand.” At it’s core, your personal brand is what people think of you. Simply put, it’s your reputation.

You can probably look at your high school yearbook and discover what your brand was while in school. Not necessarily by the pictures, but more by what people wrote inside when they signed it.

Some of you may have had classmates write things like: “To the smartest girl I know…” Or maybe, “Good luck with basketball next year…” Or, “Dude – you’re the craziest m-effer I’ve ever met… let’s party like rock stars this summer!” If you read closely, all those things your friends wrote, you’ll probably find a common theme. That was your brand.

Today, as an aspiring sports exec, you can build your brand to be almost whatever you want it to be. The key, however, is that it must be true to who you are as a person, and a professional (or at least the kind of professional you want to become). You’re the one in control.

The Most Important Factor

The most important factor to creating a personal brand are not your words, but your actions. Lou Imbriano, author of Winning the Customer, and a contributor to SPORTS LAUNCH – The Magazine, says when you’re first starting out, even at the lowest level like a coffee runner, “Be the best coffee fetcher in the world.” You will be judged on your attitude and how seriously you approach work. Your actions ultimately become your reputation.

Personal Branding,” on the other hand, is more than just your actions; it’s also about being proactive. And deliberate. Branding is a verb. It’s what you do in order to deliver your brand message. Below I’m going to outline the 10 Touch Points of Personal Branding.

The 10 Touch Points of Personal Branding

The key to personal branding, for those who are pursuing a sports career, is to have a clear, consistent and unified message across all platforms of communication. In order to do that, you’ll need to incorporate your brand message into the 10 Touch Point listed below:

  1. Introduction Letter
  2. Resume
  3. Social Media
  4. Networking Conversations (Your 6-second spiel)
  5. Show & Tell Items (College; real world)
  6. Personal Website and/or Blog
  7. Testimonials/References (Professors, Co-Workers, Coaches, Rabbi, etc)
  8. Look the Part
  9. Sound the Part (Know the lingo; speak with confidence)
  10. Killer Pitch (In-person, on phone, in email, and to close the interview)

Most of All, Don’t Forget…

But most of all, don’t forget that the most crucial aspect of personal brand building is how you treat others, how diligent you are in preparing, how you keep your word and how you complete tasks. Your actions speak the loudest. Everything else — your touch points — should simply reinforce what you do.




Interview Questions with Buffy Filippell

I am super excited about this interview. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Buffy Filippell who is the creator of I asked her a few questions via email and this is what I got from her. She even shares a insight on how she thought of the idea to create her website.

Here is the interview.

1.      Can you just briefly describe your schooling and prior work experience before you got this job?
A:  I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education and Recreation.  I joined Wilson Sporting Goods in their marketing promotions department in the U.S. and then Europe.  While there I worked with Tracy Austin and John McEnroe as juniors and because of that was asked to join IMG, who wanted to represent them.  I joined IMG as their first female agent.  I got married and my husband and I moved to Italy for a year and a half, and came back to the U.S. looking for a job. I heard there were such professions as “headhunters” and thought of creating that for sports, but got a job working for one instead.  After 2 years with Korn/Ferry executive search firm, my father died, and I resigned.  I was then called by the Professional Cowboys Association to do their search for their Commissioner which started TeamWork Consulting.  TeamWork Online evolved out of TeamWork Consulting.
2.Why did you want to work in sports?  It was the only thing I was good at. 
3.What do you find most enjoyable about your job?  I have enjoyed hearing people’s stories and trying to help them through their life’s transitions and getting paid to do so!
4.How did you get the idea to start When I was working at the Houston Texans (called NFL 32) we were getting bombarded by resumes. and Hot were popular job boards and companies had applicant tracking systems.   The Combine was going on at the time and I thought about a digital “combine” which led to creating an applicant tracking system on the teams’ websites and linking them together to be seen on
5.Is this field growing enough so that there’s room for someone like me?  The sports industry has hired a lot more people in the last few years, according to our records, over and above what was hired pre-recession.  We are an entrepreneurial industry.  You can make your opportunities.
6.Are too many or too few people entering this profession?  There are a lot more people interested than there are jobs, so the answer is to create more businesses.
7.What educational preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this field?  Business, psychology, finance.
8.What qualifications do you seek in a new hire? Willingness to learn, curious, smart, hard-working, thinking digitally, and compassionate with a willingness to keep fit.
9.What is one thing that surprised you about your career/current position? I’m surprised by the decisions that we made early on with no real guidelines of what the internet would be that seemed to have worked.   There were a lot of people’s input.
10.Do you have a mentor or someone you strive to be like?  We are both students and teachers at the same time.  I learn by listening and by teaching.  Anyone can be my teacher.

 Hope you guys enjoyed the info!