Leave The Replacement Officals Alone

So the main story so far in the 2012 NFL season has been a debate over the replacement officals and if they are hurting the play of the NFL games. A lot has been said by multiple talking heads and sports experts saying the replacement officals are much worse than the old ones and the NFL needs to bring the full time officals back. In my opinion this is far from the case.

Do you remember when officals never made a mistake and were not human? Exactly. That has never been the case EVER in any sport from the beginning of time. Fact of the matter is officals whether its Ed Hochuli or the referee who told Leshawn McCoy he was on his fantasy team (which is something I agree you never tell a player or referee) these guys are human. There going to make mistakes which the replacement referees have done already. However, if it was normal referees would we still be complaing about bad calls which people have been doing for years.

Yes I know the professional officals have the most experience which is hurting the tempo and flow of the NFL games. With a few delays a game, that is the most noticable thing. Along with maybe a lack of control in certain games like this past Monday Night Football game, the replacement officals have been fine. Would a NFL lover actually notice a difference from replacement officals to professional officals if the NFl never said anything about it? Honestly you would not know.

The only reason people are paying attention to it now and complaining about it is because we are all waiting for the replacement referees to make that gigantic mistake that will decide a game. Because of that, the microscope is placed on them which is unrealitisic and unfair to them. If anything this makes NFL games more compelling to watch because of this unpredictable nature.

Yes the professional referees are the best because that is their profession. But the replacement referees are not doing that bad and no one would be complaining about them if people did not know the professional referees were on strike. There gonna be here for a while so you can either enjoy your favorite NFL team every sunday or complain about your unrealistic expectations of replace officals.

Either way your still gonna watch




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