“Getting Yourself A Little Better Every Single Day”

So it has been over a month since I actually used this thing to blog. Things have been a little crazy recently. Since I last blogged with you I had to go home and live with mom and dad (awesome right?) I am more and more starting to fit the bill of being jobless Joe. I also lost my grandmother in early August which has also set me back a bit. So from moving home to grieving with family to dealing with some job prospects, the blogging side of has taken a back seat. But I am back in full swing now and know that life is too short not blog as much as possible.

I dont know how things have been for others of you out there looking in the sports industry for jobs but for me its been slow. Not alot of leads. Couple things here and there. A few phone interviews, follow up questions. Ofcourse, a good chunk of “we already hired someone for this position and we wish you luck on your future endeavors.” You guys care that much about me?… I think that one is my favorite (haha).

Since I was not having alot of success looking for sports jobs, I decided to refine my search. There are so many of us out there looking for jobs in sports that if you dont have some great in school and out of school experince in sports, your not even close to being considered. I went looking for jobs around my area in Iowa and got off the sports career path for a little bit because I just wanted to see if I could find a job to be honest.

I had some successful interviews and even got offered a couple of jobs. For how bad our job market is, this is actually a promising this.However for me, after every interview I found myself wondering is this truely what I want to do? The answer to all of them was no because I was not around what I love which is sports……. Hence the blog.

I know things can be gloomy looking for jobs in the sports industry but dont give up! I am telling you from the little experince I have is that no matter how long it takes, something is out there for you in the sports industry. Go back to your old connections. Maybe some old friends you met during some of your school or internship experinces. Look in your area for potential sports opportunites and call people to see if there are any openings. Just whatever you do, never stop looking. It is what I keep telling myself everyday and you should be doing the same no matter what position you are in.

Stay motivated and stay hungry cause when it is all said and done it will absolutely be worth all of the hard work you put in. Take some advice from any good coach out there. “Make yourself a little bit better every single day”. Lets make our prospects of landing that dream sports jobs a little better everyday.




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  1. Not sure what kind of sports job you are looking for Joe, but the Energy are currently looking for Account Executives here in Des Moines.

  2. ohmygosh this is literally my life. I just graduated and am living with my parents too, and they dont understand why its so hard for me to find a job but its because I chose the sports industry that things are so difficult (or at least thats why I tell myself I’m not getting hired) haha, good luck and im bout to read your blog all day 🙂

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