Interview Questions with Buffy Filippell

I am super excited about this interview. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Buffy Filippell who is the creator of I asked her a few questions via email and this is what I got from her. She even shares a insight on how she thought of the idea to create her website.

Here is the interview.

1.      Can you just briefly describe your schooling and prior work experience before you got this job?
A:  I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education and Recreation.  I joined Wilson Sporting Goods in their marketing promotions department in the U.S. and then Europe.  While there I worked with Tracy Austin and John McEnroe as juniors and because of that was asked to join IMG, who wanted to represent them.  I joined IMG as their first female agent.  I got married and my husband and I moved to Italy for a year and a half, and came back to the U.S. looking for a job. I heard there were such professions as “headhunters” and thought of creating that for sports, but got a job working for one instead.  After 2 years with Korn/Ferry executive search firm, my father died, and I resigned.  I was then called by the Professional Cowboys Association to do their search for their Commissioner which started TeamWork Consulting.  TeamWork Online evolved out of TeamWork Consulting.
2.Why did you want to work in sports?  It was the only thing I was good at. 
3.What do you find most enjoyable about your job?  I have enjoyed hearing people’s stories and trying to help them through their life’s transitions and getting paid to do so!
4.How did you get the idea to start When I was working at the Houston Texans (called NFL 32) we were getting bombarded by resumes. and Hot were popular job boards and companies had applicant tracking systems.   The Combine was going on at the time and I thought about a digital “combine” which led to creating an applicant tracking system on the teams’ websites and linking them together to be seen on
5.Is this field growing enough so that there’s room for someone like me?  The sports industry has hired a lot more people in the last few years, according to our records, over and above what was hired pre-recession.  We are an entrepreneurial industry.  You can make your opportunities.
6.Are too many or too few people entering this profession?  There are a lot more people interested than there are jobs, so the answer is to create more businesses.
7.What educational preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this field?  Business, psychology, finance.
8.What qualifications do you seek in a new hire? Willingness to learn, curious, smart, hard-working, thinking digitally, and compassionate with a willingness to keep fit.
9.What is one thing that surprised you about your career/current position? I’m surprised by the decisions that we made early on with no real guidelines of what the internet would be that seemed to have worked.   There were a lot of people’s input.
10.Do you have a mentor or someone you strive to be like?  We are both students and teachers at the same time.  I learn by listening and by teaching.  Anyone can be my teacher.

 Hope you guys enjoyed the info!




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