Sports Internship Tips!

Breaking into the sports industry begins with internships. These short stints of employment represent opportunities for you to show off your skills to sports business professionals. Although most sports internships do not lead to full-time jobs, it is important to work your butt off and establish relationships that last beyond your time at an organization.

When looking for internships, it is best to diversify your search in order to figure out what part of the business really makes you tick. Do not be afraid to apply for internships at the most highly coveted, well-known sports brands. These are the ones that will really make your resume pop.

Once you land an internship, adhere to these 5 tips that will help you stand out from the other interns:

1. Be the first to volunteer – Let’s face it. Interns do not always receive the most glorious projects around the office. That might mean sorting mail, photocopying, or proofreading. Do not be the intern who makes a face when someone asks for someone to do a task of this ilk. Jump at any opportunity to get yourself noticed. Although you will probably be working collaboratively with other interns, you are still competing with them in the eyes of your employer. Employers remember those who show initiative and enthusiasm, even for the most undesirable office tasks. Do not forget to smile and give 110% effort.

2. Network within the company – Besides letting your work ethic speak for itself, establishing relationships with other office employees and interns will be very beneficial to your career. Going out to lunch with your boss or meeting colleagues for after-work drinks are just two examples of potential networking opportunities. Both settings are great chances for you to get to know sports business professionals beyond their office duties. Take advantage or learning about their backgrounds and interests in order to add depth and meaning to your relationships with them. Networking with interns is also important because these peers are likely going to be in similar power positions within the industry some day.

3. Add value – This is what sets a typical 9 – 5 intern apart from an all-star intern. Adding value is about thinking outside the box and making the lives of those in the office easier. This might mean becoming an expert at Microsoft Office or any other software the company uses. The more knowledge you can bring to the table that results in time or money saved, the more positive attention your personal brand will receive. Always add value (A2V).

4. Be well-read – Regardless of the aspect of the sports industry you find yourself interning in, it is essential to keep abreast of the latest sports business news. That might mean arriving early to work to check sports blogs, websites, newspapers, etc. You must be able to speak intelligently about the industry and hold engaging business conversations with your superiors. The best thing about being well-read is the ability to easily share relevant articles and information with those around you through email and social media, yet another way to add value.

5. Say “Thank You” – Do your mother proud and learn to say “thank you” around the office, whether someone treated you to lunch, did you a favor, showed you a time-saving trick on the computer, etc. These two simple words will go a long way. At the internship’s end, do not forget to send your employer a handwritten thank you note that expresses your gratitude and highlights lessons learned from the internship. If you really want to make a lasting impression, get your direct superior a meaningful parting gift.

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