Name you must know if your interested in going into sports!

As I talked about my last post, I think it is very important for anyone interested in getting into the sports industry should try and join the linkedin group Sports Industry Network. Well now not only am I endorsing the group itself but the creater as well!

His name is Lewis Howes!

As soon as I joined the Sports Industry Network I started getting messages about books I should read, stories I should look at and webinars I should attend. Little did I know that Lewis is the author of what is considered the number one linkedin and webinar book. So once I found out about what Lewis was doing, I had to check out one of the webinar

I was in the webinar for maybe twenty five minutes and absolutely loved it. He talked about turning something you love into something that you can do to make money. He showed some different blogs people had started about sports. In fact it was part of what motivated me to start this blog. I had wanted to start on or some time but because of excuses never really got around to it. But I think the examples Lewis has just drove me to finally create my sports industry blog. (And the fact that I do not have a real job yet hence the name of the blog).

If you have ever heard of him the guy has done everything. If you look at his linkedin you can see that he has already done a ridiculous amount of things in sports and in business. I going to make another suggestion to anyone who reads this. Look up Lewis on Google and see all that he has done. I am currently looking at his online sites on how to utlize linkedin. I am going purchase his linkedin and webinar book as well.

Here is the link to his linkedin marketing videos:

I encourage you guys to look at all of his stuff that you find and understand the importance of linkedin if you are starting your own business or just trying to connect to people in your industry!



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