Sports Industry Network

So for the past four or five months I have been searching on sports job sites looking for both internships and jobs.

The three main sites I have been looking at are:

All of these sites have provided great opportunites and I have applied to multiple positions on all three of these sites. (You must sign up and pay for

However whenever I send in my resume and cover letter to these sites, I kind of feel like I am getting lost in all of the online clutter with so many other people out there appling for these positions. So I found myself thinking how can I better connect to these people?

When you apply for these positions, a lot of time you will not here back from them for a while. And when you are applying for these position, sometimes you are simply applying to a company’s or a sports teams human resources department. It would be great to break down that barrier. Why not instead of sending your infomation to the HR department, try to know what person you are applying too.

Now that I have more time on my hands, I have start to expand on the things I do on I absolutely love the site because you can literally connect with so many different professionals all over the world in seconds.

There is a section on Linkedin called Groups. In this section you can find groups all over the place involving thousands of different themes. So I went through looking for some sports related groups that could potentially help me meet and connect with new people who are in the sports industry and are looking for young motivated people to come work for them who have a passion for sports. I came across the group Sports Industry Network and joined the group right away.

So many different jobs and employment opportunties come up and a daily basis in this group. Every morning I wake up to a blackberry message that says there are already 90 messages posted on the group’s site. So not only are there tons of different job opportunities on this group’s site but also networking events, conferences for you to attend and other great sports related blogs that you can check out.

I encourage anybody who is interested to check out the group because I have seen nothing but good things from the group and have already in terms of looking for jobs and checking out some very informative webinars. So check it out as soon as possible and start connecting to the sports industry!



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