Now what do I do with my blog?

I finally started my blog! I am incredibly excited about it. Then I got to thinking….

So I know what I want to write about but where do I go from here?

It looks like no one has really even seen my blog yet. And why would they? I haven’t posted anything thats interesting or worth coming to my blog to look at. So how can I promote it?

While on twitter today, I came across a tweet by Dana Bubonvich. She is the Communications and Logistics Coordinator for Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions at Argonne National Laboratory.

She tweeted about a article written in PR Daily and it was all about things you need to do after to post on your blog!

Perfect! This was just the thing I was looking for!

Here is the link to the article.

There are 12 steps that are listed in the article that will help you promote your blog!

1. Keyword Optimize your Post

2. Synicate your Content

3. Shorten your Post’s URL

4. Tailor your Status Updates

5. Post Teasers on the Other Sites (I really like this one!)

6. Bookmark your content

7. Comment on other blogs

8. Seek and Assist Twitter on Twitter

9. Add to Email Signature

10. Share your Blog Post with Target Customers

11. Add your Blog Post to your Next Newsletter

12. Ask Other Bloggers to mention your Post

I encourage everyone to check out this article and I want to give a shout out for PR Daily for a great article and to Dana Bubonvich for tweeting it! Maybe the viewership for my blog along with others will go up after checking out this great article!



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  1. Dana Bubonovich

    Thanks for the shoutout Joe and glad you liked the article I RT’d from PR Daily! Good luck with the blog and excited to read more from you.

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